Can I see the Ball Drop with a General Admission Ticket?

Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee a ball drop view at midnight unless a VIP ticket is purchased.  All General Admission ticketing including the seated tickets only have access to the VIP patio from 8pm to 11pm where we will be offering a photo opportunity.



Are all prices listed per person?

Yes, all prices are per person.



Do you offer a discount if it’s a group purchase?

At this time, this is not offered.



May I purchase tickets for a client with a Company Credit Card?

Yes you can pay for the tickets with a company credit card, just put your clients name as the ticket purchaser.  They will be required to show ID at check in to receive their credentials.



What is your cancellation policy?

Tickets are non-refundable to our event.  However, they are fully transferable as long as you notify us in writing with the new name(s) 10 days prior to the event.



The two tickets I purchased are both under my name, is that okay or should one of them be under my guest’s name so they can get in?

It’s totally fine that tickets have only one name on them. We check ID of the ticket purchaser upon picking up tickets.



When I go to book it redirects me to is this where I should be buying the tickets from?

Yes, Crave Tickets is our ticket provider, so it is directing you to the right spot to purchase your tickets.



E tickets mention the primary guest name, me, but does not address my guest name.  Do I need to request for the ticket no 2 to be under that person’s name?

It’s totally fine that tickets have only one name on them. We check ID of the ticket purchaser upon picking up tickets.






What kind of actual views of Times Square & the Ball Drop do you get with a VIP ticket?

These seats are roped off in a VIP area with floor to ceiling windows looking down on Times Square.  Limited View means you may not see the ball drop from your seat while Direct View means you will have a full view of the ball drop from your seat.  All VIP tickets have access to roam around the VIP area on the 8th and 9th floor to see the different views of Times Square and of course the VIP Patio at midnight for the ball drop.  If you’re truly looking for that ball drop experience I highly recommend one of our VIP tickets.  It’s an incredible experience!



Do you have any pictures of what the ball drop area & seats look like?

If you watch our video on our website you will be able to get an insight on the Ball Drop Experience with VIP tickets.  On the homepage of our website there are two buttons on the bottom you can view that will help you get a better idea of our event.  One button is labeled VIEW EVENT GALLERY and the other is CHECK OUT VIDEO.



I will not be guest of the New York Marriott Marquis that evening so how will I be allowed access to get through the police lines and into the building?

Approximately two weeks prior to New Year’s Eve we will send out a detailed email with information pertaining to our event as well as a confirmation letter to gain access to the Marriott Marquis.



Can I go down to the street to see the ball drop and then come back into the party? 

Unfortunately, this is not possible because there is no reentry into our party.



What floor(s) of the Marriott Marquis does the party take place?

Our party takes place in the Broadway Lounge on the 8th and 9th Floor of the hotel.



Can I request to be seated on the 9th Floor of the party?

Although you may request it, unfortunately, we can’t guarantee where your seats will be; but, we will absolutely do our best to grant your request!



With the dedicated cocktail service feature that comes with a VIP ticket, does it include the drinks from the open bar?




Is there a smoking area?

Smoking is not permitted at our event.



Is there Heating on the balcony?




Is there seating on the balcony?

There isn’t seating on the balcony where you can view the ball drop.



Since my guest and I have a private table for 2, what amenities and/or gifts (if any) are provided?

Everything that is listed for the particular ticket you purchase is listed on the “Ticket Info” page of the event website.



Party starts at 8pm, how early should we show up?

You will receive a confirmation letter a few weeks prior to the event that will have instructions for when to access the hotel the night of the event.



Any alternative walking routes we should use to avoid the crowd control during NYE?

You will receive a confirmation letter a few weeks prior to the event that will have instructions on how to access the hotel the night of the event.



How soon will you let us know who the musical guest performances?

As soon as we have performers locked in we will announce them on our website.



What is the dress code?

Cocktail attire (no hats or jeans).



During the ball drop, can my guest and I hang around the outdoor patio prior / post ball drop?

If you have purchased any of our General Admission tickets you are allowed access to the patio only until 11:15pm.  You are then allowed access again approximately 5 minutes after the ball drop.  If you want to see the ball drop from the patio, you will need to purchase one of our VIP tickets.



What is the weather like that time of year?

Freezing, so bundle up!  However, there is a coat check at the event.